Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Your Social Media Plan?

When I first started my journey with social media, I really wasn't sure how I wanted to use it and what I wanted to do with it. The more I actually interacted with people, I saw a value in following experts in my industry to gain insight from their knowledge and experience. I watched who they interacted with, and I saw value from reading their posts and questions. From all this I have a short marketing plan (finally!): to use the social media to increase my knowledge while educating the viewers about my company.

Sounds simple? It's not, really. Using social media is not much different from face-to-face networking or client interaction> The only key element missing is the physical human interaction; meaning, being able to see the person's reaction to your elevator speech, the head nods of comprehension, and even a dog-lopped head turn of "huh?" when they're not exactly following the same logic.

This may turn into a series of explorations, but for now I'll ask a question: when you started your journey in social media, did you develop your marketing plan before or after you began using SM? Please feel free to type a quick note - I look forward to learning from you!


1 comment: said...

I don't really have a social media plan and I've been told to follow the leaders in the industry... the more I search the more leaders I find. There are a lot of very successful people out there. How do you determine whom to follow?