Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twitter Etiquette 101, part two

I just published a post against the use of profanity on Twitter; this recommendation applies to any social media and was not intended to single out Twitter.

In using my TweetDeck (which is a great application, by the way!), I've noticed something else that bothers me as much as the use of profanity on the social media that it bears notice here.

As previously noted, I watch for people tweeting about "graphic design" so I can see their interests, problems, concerns, and hopefully be of some help with their projects. As much as the use of profanity makes zero sense to me, I do not understand some of the avatars and Twitter names I see as I follow "graphic design". Much more care should be given not only to the avatar you choose to represent you, but your name as well. If, down the road, you wish to display your work and blog/FB/Tweet about it, please keep these two points in mind:

1. Your Twitter name should be representative of the type of work you do. Having a fun or sarcastic Twitter name is fine, but for a more professional appearance either use a business name or your own name.

2. Your Twitter avatar should also be a reflection of the type of work you do. Sometimes it's easy to match an image to the Twitter name you've chosen, but the image should not be so embarrassing you wouldn't want your parents, supervisor, or in-laws to see it.

By and large social media will help small business owners and students get a good foothold on doors of opportunity. At the door of your chosen social media is your receptionist: your Facebook fan page, your Twitter name and avatar, and countless others. How do you want your receptionist to best represent you?


Lesa Antone said...

Great post! I am still working through "firing" some of my receptionists! lol

Loving the 30-day blog challenge--meeting some great people and learning invaluable info!!

You have a new follower! =)


Lisa Raymond said...

Hi, Lesa,
Thanks so much for your comments! I am loving this 30-day blog challenge, but it really is a challenge to come up with something daily that I feel people will read. Do you ever get stuck for an idea? I'm thinking of switching to WP, what do you think? I'm following you too! :)

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