Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twitter Etiquette 101-Part 3

I'm continuing my series on Twitter Etiquette based on my own experiences and observations while becoming more familiar with my TweetDeck. I've also been introduced to CoTweet, which I'll discuss in a future post.

I enjoy how my TweetDeck updates me about my Tweeps and Tribes in real time; once people I follow consistently post a tweet, I can view it nearly immediately. What I am also getting in real time are the mentions and DMs, or direct messages.

My understanding of the use of a DM is for a private message and not merely a "hello". In my opinion, this is not the avenue to use when selling your services, either, unless you are giving sensitive information, such as a cell phone number or e-mail address.

Scheduling a DM should not be necessary unless someone is sending the same message out about "checking our site for free stuff" or "buy my book here". Lately I've seen messages along this line, and so have several of my colleagues. Adding to this problem is the fact we all have our Twitter set to let us know via cell phone text message when a new DM comes in. Imagine how frustrating it is when it's the same message of "buy this" or "get this now".

Please remember: Twitter is a social media, so be social! Don't try to sell your wares all the time. Instead, engage in interesting conversation, or better yet - follow an interest close to your heart. And, PLEASE, don't send a DM just to sell something; that will leave your followers unengaged and possibly un-following you in a hurry.

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