Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twitter Etiquette 101

I've been playing around with my TweetDeck, learning how to utilize the technique of making groups of people I want to religiously follow as well as phrases in the graphic design industry to see what people are tweeting about. For the latter, I settled on the phrase "graphic design" to see if anyone needed help with a project and to see what people said referencing this phrase.

Unfortunately, what I'm seeing a lot of are students and other graphic design "professionals" using Twitter to sound off about how they feel about either graduation, just starting school, or whatever project they are currently working on. It's unfortunate because a lot of profanity is being used, sometimes excessively, always unnecessarily.

As much as we don't want people typing in all caps (yelling), remember to keep the profanity out of the messages. You never know when your next potential employer may be reading what you're writing.

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