Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Print Collateral Dead? Never!

These days business owners need a leg up for just about any occasion. Be it business cards, letterhead (with the matching envelope), fliers for delivery or newspaper insertion (hey, some people are still reading the newspaper!), brochures, postcards, thank-you cards (yours or uploading a design to Send Out Cards), v-cards, backgrounds -- business owners have to do what it takes to stay in touch with their clients and brand their business.

Print collateral is very integral to the success of a business, though the types of print collateral available vary according to the needs of the business owner. For example, one business owner I work with helps businesses incorporate and saves their assets. Sometimes he has to create affiliate businesses, so he keeps this information I create digital. Another business owner I work with uses thank-you cards, business cards and brochures. Personally, I like the combination of business cards, fliers and brochures.

Why are these items so important? Networkers visit mixers and chamber events in search of business. They are prospecting for contacts to follow-up with later. It's a little tough to follow-up with someone you've just met if they don't have a business card. Same goes for those professions that use letterhead; the contact won't wait until your stationary gets back from the print shop. These are all tools of our trades. Are you using your tools well? Do you have your tools with you at all times, even for a quick grocery store run?

Now it's your turn! Have you ever been out someplace, met someone and struck up conversation, only to discover (much to your horror) you didn't bring your business cards with you?

Happy designing!


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