Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#Blog30: Thanks For The Memories

I started this 30-Day Blog Challenge (by Jeanette Cates) not fully understanding what I was about to undertake, but deciding I would have a good time trying to figure it out, in I jumped.

I've never looked back since.

I've gained much more than the ability to either plan my blogging ahead or think on the fly. I've made friendships I wouldn't have been able to make otherwise. I've gained wonderful, insightful knowledge into your work and your business. I wouldn't say I know everything about you, but I definitely have a better handle on your business than when I first started.

Lastly, I've learned it's about the communication, and having something worthwhile to share with other people - my experiences in graphic design, mentoring, and networking. I've also learned patience as well as when to ask for help. I've tried to be a resource for my industry, and I hope you found my posts as interesting as I've found yours.

The next step is obviously another 30-Day Blog Challenge! I'm hoping Jeanette will start a new challenge. If not and you have one going, I'd like to check it out! The best part I learned is being consistent with this type of marketing, and I'd like to work on another challenge to help shore up my consistency (creates accountability).

Will you join me in another 30-Day Blog Challenge?

Cheers, and thank you, everyone :)

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