Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New look

First, I apologize for my recent absence. I have been very involved in several projects and was unable to post until now. I have decided my current blog theme is rather dull and boring, so I am working on a new design as well as a new design for my web site. Any thoughts or suggestions (constructive and nice, please) as to what I could try to design? My thoughts are a tad tapped out so I am turning to the audience as my creative think-tank. I do like my green and will stay with that coloring.

On DEC will have a new Weekly Graphic Design Tip in the next couple of days, please stay tuned! I am also adding a new section for Networking Tips, but this section will encourage participation from others as folks may have had better experiences with their methods than I may have had with mine, and I would like to post those for all of us to consider. The more things I have to post, the more I may turn this into a weekly or even daily rather than 2x/month or less.

Question: What has been your WORST experience with networking, and how would you have improved that situation?

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