Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fast-Track to Improved Networking, Referrals, Visitors

I am reading Dr. Misner's transcription of his latest podcast, "Episode 121: Fast Track With Networking Secrets". This is truly AMAZING! This chapter in Beaumont, Texas applied a new training called "Fast Track" and managed to increase the amount of referrals passed by 70%! Before Fast Track, about half the members were responsible for passing 65% of the referrals; after Fast Track, 96% of the members were responsible for passing a minimum of one referral a week! I'm very impressed with those stats! This is a curriculum that, in my opinion, all BNI chapters should embrace. This curriculum also teaches members how to keep track of their own individual success, a type of report card if you will. Read the excerpt for more!

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Jenn said...

Hi Lisa,

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