Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't Fear Networking!

This is a good A/V presentation by Dr. Ivan Misner, giving tips on how to overcome the fear of networking:

How many people really are afraid to walk up to someone and start a conversation? I know there are times I still get butterflies in my stomach, but I think it's more from excitement of meeting someone new rather than a fear of meeting someone new. When we meet someone, we present our 30-second elevator speech, stop, and listen. The elevator speech should never be about a sale; that can make someone feel defensive or put-off. Instead, the elevator speech should be an ice-breaker, as a chance to get to know someone better. If viewed this way, this should take away most of the fear of networking.

Special thanks to both Dr. Ivan Misner for making his presentation, and to Dave Sherman, The Networking Guy, for his tips and insights.

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